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HSG Students

Additional to the 72 participants acting as delegates, we need 14 chairpersons who guide the negotiations and 7 students who organize the conference. 

Bachelor Course 

The course is a fully integrated University course, worth 6 ECTS and taught by WTO counsellor Dr. Reto Malacrida. The first semester provides an overview of the functioning of the WTO and you will have to take an open-book exam in December. In the second semester you won't have classes anymore, since you will have to write the chair paper for the conference in April. The Model WTO Conference is part of the Bachelor Course and all expenses are paid.  In the spring semester, the students are guided through the specific aspects of the simulation topic and its relevance to the WTO. Furthermore, guest speakers from the WTO Members provide unique insights into the topic. During the conference the Bachelor Students will act as Chairpersons. That means they will guide the participants through the negotiations. 

Chair Paper

Groups of two to three students specialise on one specific committee, which they will chair during the simulation week. They write a 20-page paper that constitutes the basic literature for all international participants assigned in the respective committee. The paper serves as a framework for the negotiations and is a graded part of the course “Model WTO”. The paper is distributed to all participants in the Model WTO a few weeks before the simulation week as a guideline for the simulation. During the negotiations, the paper may be extended or adjusted in some sections.

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