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About us 

The Model WTO is the biggest and most complete simulation of WTO’s Ministerial negotiations in the world.

The Model WTO provides a unique opportunity for future decision makers to experience the debates of the World Trade Organisation. Every year since 1997, students from around the world have been invited to Switzerland to debate and exchange on the most interesting topics related to international Trade.

Students represent twelve nations in groups of six delegates. Each of them takes part in a committee focused on a specific topic. In total, six committees will engage students to actively debate on trade related issues through various perspectives. While delegates defend their national interests, two chairpersons in every committee guide them towards an agreement. The key chairpersons have received specific training during a year by a WTO counsellor at the University of St. Gallen prior to the negotiations. Further, WTO trade experts assist the committees in their negotiations.

The event is organised by 7 students of the University of St. Gallen who are supported by an advisory board consisting of renown trade experts to ensure the quality of the event. The Model WTO also benefits from the help of members of the WTO Secretariat and the Graduate Institute to provide the best possible content.



There are 6 different committees, each dealing with 1 of 6 subtopics. Every committee has 12 members representing different countries. 


There are 12 represented countries. Each country consists of a delegation of 6 people. Those 6 people are split up into the 6 committees so that every committee has a representative of each country. 


The role of the 72 conference participants is to represent one of 12 countries and the country’s interests in one of the 6 committees as a Delegate. Each Committee is composed of one Delegate of each of the countries (12 Delegates for 12 countries per Committee). The Delegate’s main contribution comes during the negotiations of Committee resolutions during which the Delegates are tasked with defending the views and interests of the country they’re representing.

Head Delegates 

Each of the 12 countries/delegations is led by one Head Delegate. Head Delegates are responsible for aligning the position of the country/delegation for the conference’s debates and negotiations.


The role of the Chairpersons (12 students at the University of St. Gallen only) is to lead one of the six committees and the negotiation.


Each committee must come up with agreements that are in accordance and compatible with other committees. At the end, the clauses of all committees will be put together to form a resolution, on which delegates will vote on the last day.

Organization Team

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