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Bachelor Course Application


Structure of the Course 

1st Semester 

  • WTO counsellor Reto Malacrida will provide an overview over the WTO 

  • Bachelor Course with 14 students 

  • open-book exam in December 

2nd Semester 

  • Chair paper in teams of two or three students 


Conference (Easter Break, Spring Semester) 

  • Chairperson for the committee you wrote the chair paper for 

  • Chair paper as basis for the negotiations 

  • all expenses paid 

  • get to know 72 international students 

How to apply 

If you want to apply as a Chair and participate in the Model WTO course (6 ECTS)
send your

  • CV

  • TOEFL® score (if available)

  • current grade transcript

  •  your response to the two questions below in English​

to: until September 4, 2023.


Please answer the following two questions in 3 sentences (do not write more):

1.    What makes you a good candidate for the Model WTO course?

2.    Why are you interested in how governments cooperate on international trade within the framework of the WTO?

Preselected candidates may be requested to submit a short motivation letter at short notice and very soon after the application deadline. The deadline for the motivation letter will likely be 7 or 8 September 2022. There is no bidding for this course.

There is no Bidding for this course. For more information about the course, the profile of candidates and the application process, visit the website of the University of St. Gallen.

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