Who Are We ?

The Model WTO is an international conference that provides a unique opportunity for future decision makers to experience the debates of the World Trade Organisation. Every year since 1997, students from around the world have been invited to Switzerland to debate and exchange on the most interesting topics related to international Trade. The 23rd Model WTO Edition will take place from 2nd to 9th of April 2020.

Who Are You?





our Organizing team

Janes Spranger

Finance and Sponsoring

Diana Remedios Anselmo

Simulation Design

Alina Podkolodnaya


Rabea Würth

Event Organisation

Dalia Hostettler

Event Organisation

Romyna Wirth


Guillaume Rico


Some voices

What people say?

“The future of the WTO and the global trading system is in the hands of today’s youth. We need to enhance their knowledge of global challenges and make them active stakeholders of the global trading system. As future leaders, young people will participate in the decisions taken to shape tomorrow’s world. This is why this programme is more than valuable”
Pascal Lamy, 14 April 2012
Former WTO Director General
“The Model WTO is a great opportunity for us in the Secretariat to see first-hand that young talent is getting ready to contribute to the future of the organization.”

Yi Xiaozhun, 8 April 2016
WTO Deputy-Director General