Model WTO 2019

Topic 2019: Instiutional Reform of the WTO

The WTO is facing an unprecedented challenge. Tensions between trading partners are rising. Questions are being raised about the WTO’s negotiating practices, Committee work, and its Dispute Settlement System. Many Members have called for a change, for a reform of the system to keep it alive. Canada, the European Union and the United States have published reform proposals, and the G20 has discussed the issue. A multitude of Members have met in different groups, expressing concern and issuing joint reform proposals. Furthermore, at a meeting of full membership in October 2018, the WTO’s Director-General encouraged all Members to participate actively in the discussions concerning a WTO reform. The WTO deals with “global rules of trade between nations”. Its main goal is to ensure that “trade flows smoothly, predictably and freely”, and with as little cost and barriers possible. At the centre of the WTO stand the WTO agreements that have been negotiated and agreed upon by its Members. Within the 2019 WTO these latter agreements as well as their legal dispute settlement system were scrutinized to propose new reforms which might possibly improve current systems.

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