Model WTO 2018

Topic 2018: Trade & Investment

As a result of globalization, trade and investment are more linked than ever. In particular, in light of global value chains and development, investment has become ever more inextricable from trade and services. Countries and their economies profit greatly from investment; thus, this topic is more relevant than ever, and individual countries are also realizing the need for discussion of investments in the context of trade. Particularly recently, investment facilitation has been placed on the world stage. This is evident from the 2018 Brazilian Proposal for a multilateral Investment Facilitation Agreement , the creation of the Friends of Investment Facilitation for Development, which includes 11 WTO members, as well as the discussion of investment at the Ministerial Conference 2017 in Buenos Aires and the E15 Initiative on Investment Policy. Within the negotiations of the Model WTO 2018 the role of the WTO in regulating cross-border investing and its dispute settlement were discussed.

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