Model WTO International

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Model WTO International is the worldwide umbrella organization for World Trade Organization negotiation simulations for students striving to enter the world of international trade and international trade law. The goal of our association is to raise awareness on trade and sustainability among the next generation and to provide students with a unique insight into the development of trade policy within the framework of the WTO. Model WTO International aims to establish a global network of WTO simulations to provide students from all over the world with the possibility to learn about international trade and investment policy. The network shall comprise multiple conferences in strategically accessible locations all over the world with an annual main event in Switzerland. The best delegates from all the associated conferences gather once a year to compete and negotiate at the Model WTO simulation in St. Gallen and Geneva, where they have the possibility to present their work to WTO trade experts and top tier diplomats.

While the main conference in Switzerland has been executed since 1997, the Model WTO International umbrella organization was founded in 2016 by two former presidents of the organization team of the main conference as a result of the high demand for conference participation and success of the possibilities it creates for the students. Currently, three regional conference have already been executed in Belgrade, Serbia; Tunis, Tunisia and Bologna, Italy. Two more are being prepared to be launched in 2019-2020, namely: San Jose, Costa Rica and Edinburgh, Scotland. The student-run initiative is officially supported by the WTO and ICC Switzerland.

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