Chairperson selection

The Model WTO each year focuses on a specific topic that is addressed in six different committees. The international participants represent the interests of ten different countries. The discussions within each committee is led by two Chairs, the HSG Bachelor students who are enrolled in the “Model WTO” course. The Chairs guide the negotiations by declaring the opening and closing of each meeting and directing the discussion. They accord the right to speak, submit questions for decision, announce the result of the decisions and have complete control of the proceedings. The Chairs are neutral in the discussions and seek for compromises by mediating between the different parties whenever this is necessary.

The selection of the Chairs is not only based on their study background but is also determined by their interest in international trade and the world of international economic policy as well as by their mediation skills. The two-semester course guarantees that the students are adequately prepared for their role as Chairs.

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