Your performance during the event can lead to another unique opportunity!


The Model WTO offers prizes for the best delegation and the best essays in partnership with the World Trade Institute (WTI) and the IELPO LL.M. Programme in Barcelona.

The Model WTO 2021 awarded

  • Best delegates: Two weeks, of your choice, in a future WTI Winter/Summer Academy or the MILE à la carte courses for the 6 best delegates, for each a prize worth CHF 2,200. The programme for the Academy can be found on the bottom of the page, for further information, visit the website of the WTI.
  • Best essay: 1st Prize: 40 hours at EPLO – free choice from the whole variety of courses (value of Eur 2,000). 2nd & 3rd Prize: 20 hours at EPLO – free choice from the whole variety of courses (value of EUR 1,000 each)

Best Delegates and Honorable Mention Model WTO 2021 

  • Committee 1: Leonardo Oneda (Head Delegate of China) and Mark Coles (Head Delegate of Canada)
  • Committee 2: Deavina Christy (Head Delegate of US) and Mishael Wambua (Head Delegate of Bangladesh)
  • Committee 3: Sara Scognamiglio (Delegate of Singapore) and Sergey Dolya (Delegate of Bangladesh)
  • Committee 4: Justin Halim (Head Delegate of Russia) and Elena Lickel (Delegate of India)
  • Committee 5: Claudia Rosas (Head Delegate of Switzerland) and Ramiro Lopez (Delegate of Singapore)
  • 6: Matthias Van Ongevalle (Delegate of Singapore)

Best Essays Model WTO 2021 

  • 1st: Corina Lo (Delegate of EU)
  • 2nd: Mishael Wambua (Delegate of Bangladesh)
  • 3rd: Antti Stoor (Delegate of Australia)

Best delegates (Model WTO 2020)

Based on a multitude of criteria, the Model WTO Team, WTO Experts, the Chairs and your fellow participants will evaluate your performance and the performance of your country-colleagues during the week. We will take a look on your arguments, your strategy but also how you involve other countries and if you really made relevant attempts to construct a consensus. It is a team event, so if you want to win, you need to make sure that your delegates in the other committees do well collectively.

world trade institute logo

The WTI is a centre of advanced studies in international trade, combining graduate-level education, interdisciplinary research and specialised advisory services into a unique and dynamic institution.

The WTI Summer & Winter Academy are two-week courses offered to professionals and students covering cutting-edge issues in trade and investment law and policy.

The Mile à la carte courses are weekly courses offered to external students that are interested in a specific element of trade policy, economics or trade law.

Best essays (Model WTO 2020)

Do you need an extra incentive to deliver not only a very good essay but an excellent one?IELPO logo

Your essays from the application procedure are evaluated by top professors. The best three essays will be awarded with free hours in the IELPO LL.M. Programme in Barcelona. This is a great incentive to submit an excellent essay!

1st Prize   – 40 hours at IELPO – free choice from the whole variety of courses (value 1.600 € )

2nd and 3rd Prizes – 20 hours at IELPO – free choice from the whole variety of courses (value 800 

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