The Model WTO 2021 is scheduled for the 9th of April to 16th of April 2021.

The topic of the Model WTO 2021 will be Trade and Public Health.

The conference is open to all levels of study (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.), however, you should demonstrate interest and a basic knowledge of the WTO and international trade in general. We believe that a diversity of knowledge is the best option since it reflects the day-to-day business of the WTO.

The requirements for visa will depend on your country of origin. If you are a resident of the Schengen Area, you do not require a visa. However, if your home country is outside of Europe or not part of the Schengen and Dublin Agreements, we recommend you check the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland where you can check for country-specific visa requirements.

Furthermore, we recommend that you start the visa application procedure as soon as you receive the confirmation of acceptance, as some embassies take a considerable amount of time to issue a visa. In order to speed up the process, you can include the letter of acceptance to the conference. In case you require such a document, please contact our head of participants via alexandre.hess@model-wto.org.

The arrival day is April 9th, 2021. As participants are arriving throughout the day, no negotiations or keynotes are planned and, therefore, you do not have to prepare anything. For those who are present in the afternoon there will be some optional activities organized (e.g. foxtrail, campus tour, city tour…), which we extremely recommend you take part in, since it will allow you to already meet some of your fellow delegates and discover the city of St. Gallen.

If for a valid reason, you are to arrive one day earlier, i.e. April 8th, please contact us via application@model-wto.org and we will try to figure something out.


If you are travelling by plane, we recommend that you fly to Zurich Airport (ZRH) and take the train to St. Gallen. There is a train station inside the airport, which is on the direct line to St. Gallen. Check www.sbb.ch for the train schedule.

(Tip: download and create an account on the SBB mobile app. If you buy your ticket in advance, you can have very good discounts as trains are expensive in Switzerland.)


Since the conference ends in Geneva, there is a possibility for you to take your flight back from Geneva Airport (GVA). It is only a 10-minute train journey from the center, and it will bring you directly to the Geneva Airport train station.
Alternatively, if you prefer/must take your flight back from Zurich Airport, we will organize transportation back to St. Gallen on the 16th of April in the morning with a stop at Zurich Airport. However, you should not schedule your flight early, since we might arrive there only in the afternoon, depending on the traffic.

St. Gallen – Geneva:

The journey from St. Gallen to Geneva will be taken care of by the Model WTO organization team and is included in your participation fee. We will leave St. Gallen on April 14th in the morning. It must be noted that depending on our schedule in Geneva (mission visits), we might be leaving very early in the morning.

Yes, in the negotiation venues in St. Gallen we will provide you with a Wi-Fi connection. This will require you to enter your phone number in order to recieve an access code. 

Furthermore, the hosts usually have an internet connection which you can use, but it will be up to you to check with them upon arrival.

As we would like to provide you with an authentic experience of our univeristy life, during the negotiation period of the conference in St. Gallen you will be accommodated by student hosts.

If you were to choose to organise your own accommodation (e.g. hotel, friend), you can do so at your own costs. In this case please notify us that you would not require accommodation in St. Gallen via alexandre.hess@model-wto.org.
During our 3-day stay in Geneva (2 nights), you will be living in a hotel for which the costs are included in your participation fee.

If for a valid reason, you are to arrive one day earlier, i.e. April 8th, please contact us via application@model-wto.org and we will try to figure something out.

5 nights in St. Gallen (Thursday night to Tuesday morning) and 2 nights in Geneva (Tuesday and Wednesday night).

Food & Beverage:
During the week, you will always get 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The event will start with a welcome buffet on Saturday. On the departure day, only breakfast is included, as the conference officially finishes with the award ceremony at the WTO on Wednesday evening.

Transportation from St. Gallen to Geneva and back to Zurich Airport is covered by us. You do not need to buy tickets to go to Geneva.

Social activities and some evening events will also be included.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via application@model-wto.org

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