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Send your CV and a short description of which position you are interested in and why to:

DEADLINE May, 19 2023.

  • President
  • Head of Simulation Design
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of Event Organization
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Participants


The Model WTO is a one-week simulation of trade negotiations in collaboration with the World Trade Organization. The goal of this world-leading event is to raise awareness on trade and sustainability among the student community and to provide students with a unique insight into the development of trade policy.

The Model WTO is one of the biggest international events on campus. Being part of the organization team is an excellent opportunity to learn more about international trade policy, create a valuable network, interact with top students from all around the world and increase your organizational and leadership skills. The unique characteristic of the Model WTO is that we are small enough to give you an insight in several tasks and to allow everybody to be fully involved in decision-making process. On top of that, the organization of the event is rewarded with at least 4 Campus Credits each.

See the descriptions of the various available positions below

As a part of the Simulation Design team, your role will mainly be to deal with the academic background behind the Model, thus creating the basis for negotiations from scratch. You will be in charge of, among others, these tasks:

  • Coming up with the topic for Model WTO
  • Setting up the structure for the negotiations, i.e. defining the committees and countries present in the negotiations
  • Providing Chairpersons with the initial research questions for their Chair Paper and instructing them regarding the rules of negotiations
  • Putting together the Simulation Design Paper to be distributed for the (interested) participants
  • Selecting Model WTO participants based on their application essays  and CVs submitted
  • Getting in touch with the possible Key Note speakers and coordinating speech delivery
  • Communicating with the participants regarding their delegations Position and Strategy papers
  • Choosing the winners of the Best Essay prizes

Required skills

  • Advanced English skills – both speaking and writing, especially when it comes to academic writing
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Ability to work with a small team
  • Self-motivation
  • Organisation skills
  • In-depth knowledge in trade, international economics/international law, and the understanding about the structure of the World Trade Organisation is a big plus
  • Willingness to learn in short amounts of time
  • Ability to skim vast amounts of information, detecting relevant trends and noticing missing link between different pieces of information
  • Forward-thinker, able to raise important questions that set the basis for the future negotiations

As Head of Sponsoring & Finance, your role will consist of taking care of the financial inflows and outflows of the whole project. You will be in charge of, among others, these tasks:

  • Setting up a budget for the project
  • Coming up with a payment plan for the start-up costs
  • Preparing a sponsoring list with potential suitors
  • Providing the foundations with the necessary documentation for their donations
  • Getting in touch with the potential  donors
  • Keep the accounting/bookkeeping up to date
  • Pay all the expenses in due time

Required skills

  • Reliability and commitment
  • Ability to work with a small team
  • Self-motivation
  • Organization skills
  • Willingness to put the foot down when finances are tight
  • Forward-thinker, able to foresee future cash outflows or inflows
  • Interest in numbers and accounting
  • Open-minded and communicative

Do you find event organization exciting? Do you want to take responsibilities in one of the biggest student-organized event of University of St. Gallen? When you go on holidays, are you the one listing the activities, finding the most suitable hotel and restaurants? You should seriously consider to apply to Model WTO 2022 organization team as a “week organizer”. In this position, you will have the opportunity to learn how to set up the practical framework of a more than one-week event and to interact with multiple professional partners, such as restaurateurs, logistician or hotel managers. As a member of the week organization team, your role will mainly be to deal with technical, organization and logistical issues. You will be in charge of, among others, these tasks:

  • Accommodation: in Geneva for the participants and in St. Gallen for the speakers
  • Transportation: organizing the bus trip to Geneva
  • Catering: organizing breakfast, lunch, dinner, aperos and special events
  • Places: finding rooms for the different activities and special events (University St. Gallen, Graduate Institute, WTO Headquarters)
  • Material: listing, finding and providing the required material for the different activities
  • IT: ensuring Internet access during the week
  • Missions: organizing visits and skype calls with the represented countries and maintaining good relations with existing partners
  • Timetable: scheduling the events and activities during the conference

Required skills

  • Reliability
  • Independence
  • Organization skills
  • Excellent English and German/French
  • Ability to keep the overview of a detailed project

As Head of Marketing, you will be in charge of the following:

  • Advertising and raising awareness about the event through various channels (social media, stands at university, emails to universities around the world, etc.)
  • Website management (content, design, etc.)
  • Preparing all marketing material (brochure, flyers, roll-ups, posters, goodie bags etc.)
  • Coordination of hosting for the participants during their stay in St. Gallen

Required skills

  • Good knowledge of word processing programs and design software
  • Creativity
  • Some basic knowledge in Web Design is a plus
  • Motivation and reliability
  • Organization skills
  • Ability to work in a team

As Head of Participants, your role will be to recruit the participants for the 25th edition of the Model WTO, and to assist them before, during and after the event. Your tasks include:

  • Contacting universities from all over the world
  • Contacting professors and lecturers specialized in the field of international trade, economics, law, international affairs and political science
  • Selecting the participants which will participate in the conference out of all applicants (going through both CVs and essays)
  • Remaining in constant contact with the participants in the months leading to the conference
  • Providing information about the application process, travel arrangements and accommodation, the event itself and answering all applicants’ questions
  • Keeping a general overview of all participants and their needs/requests

Required skills

  • Excellent English skills, especially in writing
  • Sociability, helpfulness and willingness to get to know and assist international students
  • Organization skills
  • Efficiency and speediness when replying to emails and questions of participants
  • Commitment, reliability and availability
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